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URL Mapping and Deep Linking

A strength of Sling is the automatic and expected way that resources are structured and exposed in a logical, ordered manner. For example, AEM, by configuration allows page access through the /content/ directory. A typical page URL would be access with a browser visit to /content/projectname/pagename/subpagename.html. The minimal effort in maintaining this structure has its benefits, but changing that structure to fulfill business needs can be troublesome. Thankfully, AEM provides a number of tools and techniques to do so. This text will explore some of those options.

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Creating OSGi Bundles

Problem: I have a third party Java library that I need to use in my CQ component.  It’s available as a standard jar file. I want to drop this in a lib folder somewhere and have access to the classes. But AEM doesn’t support libraries this way. How do I import and use this code?

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