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Nick Matelli is an engineer specializing in open source technologies.

Creating OSGi Bundles

Problem: I have a third party Java library that I need to use in my CQ component.  It’s available as a standard jar file. I want to drop this in a lib folder somewhere and have access to the classes. But AEM doesn’t support libraries this way. How do I import and use this code?

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Fetching Properties From Dialogs

One of CQ’s strongest assets is its ability to create and reuse custom components.  A component’s reusability depends on how flexible and configurable it can be made.  CQ is unlike other component-based frameworks like Adobe Flex because properties or options cannot be passed in in, say, places like the cq:include tag.  Instead, CQ properties and options are configured on pages via dialog boxes.  Here, we will discuss how to retrieve component properties set by these dialog boxes.

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